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Our Story

To Children With Love Limited (incorporating To Russia With Love Ltd) is an Irish registered charity which was founded by Dublin woman Debbie Deegan in 1998. She met a group of wonderful abandoned children in Russia suffering from a severe lack of love and made a promise to them that she would be back to help. 18 years later and over 400 trips later and she is still there. To this day she continues to carry out that promise. Over the past year Debbie has become involved with deprived children in other areas of the world including Ireland and currently To Children With Love is planning to focus on a particular project for Irish disadvantaged children. This will not affect our ongoing projects in Russia, it simply means we are bringing some of our expertise home.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to help transform the lives of abandoned and disadvantaged children through programmes designed to enhance their self esteem, dignity, enabling them to feel equal to their peer group in society.

We do this through programmes designed to
– enhance children’s healthcare and education
– improve children’s living conditions
– help children overcome obstacles to achievement
– teach life skills for a brighter future

Through our child centred programmes we strive to build trust, dignity, self esteem, ability and confidence to empower children to participate as equal members of society.

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Rising Tide Programme

The Rising Tide Programme

“A Rising Tide lifts all boats…” John F. Kennedy

The Rising Tide Programme is piloting an innovative design of programmes to commence September 2016. Following this pilot run the programme will consider other schools in the community for selection. Our pioneering programme is designed to meet the needs of marginalised and socially excluded children at a crucial point in their lives. The programme will provide structured supports for students throughout their second level education. These supports will enable them to reach their full potential in order to break the cycle of poverty and social exclusion.

The Rising Tide programme aims to positively impact the lives of the students enrolled in the selected schools. The programme design takes a holistic approach which considers the educational careers of the students as well as other key areas for development. The range of activities and opportunities the students will benefit from will positively impact their personal lives. Students will be equipped with the skills for success that they will use for a lifetime. Unlike other programmes which target students most at risk or students who have displayed the most potential, the Rising Tide Programme adopts a whole school approach. By adopting a whole school approach this will positively influence the culture within the school for its current students and the generations of students which follow.

The need for the Rising Tide Programme exists due to the circumstances in which the students must grow and learn. The programme will benefit students whose lives are effected by substance abuse issues within the home, extreme poverty stemming from inter-generational unemployment and very low levels of education attainment.

The core pillars of The Rising Tide Programme include:

Personal Development for the students

Entrepreneurship and leadership skills for students

Supporting youth mental health and well-being within the school

Improving Digital Literacy in the school e.g. Coder Dojo

Specific academic supports for students aiming for a place in University