To Children With Love have teamed up with Brown Bag Films to bring you a unique new initiative ANYA – a four minute animation charting 20 years in the life of a Russian orphan is the end result of 14 months work at Brown Bag Films. Originally approached to produce a short advert to highlight the work we do with abandoned and orphaned children in Russia, the Dublin based studio decided a short film would work much better.

Writer/director Damien O’Connors explains ‘the idea was simple, we make a piece of entertainment and if people like it, they show their gratitude by donating money directly to To Russia With Love. In a way it’s ‘visually busking’, we’re used to charity singles and calendars, so we applied the same approach to an animated film instead’.

All of us here at To Children With Love really hope you enjoy it and please remember to say thanks by texting:

TEXT HUG to 50300 to DONATE €4

100% of text costs goes to To Children With Love across most network providers.
Some providers apply VAT which means a minimum of €3.26 will go to To Children With Love
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