London calling for Putin’s pal Debbie

On January 11, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin’s favourite Dub Debbie Deegan won’t be flying to Russia for once. The founder of the Irish Charity, To Children With Love (formerly known as To Russia with Love) is jetting to England to speak at the TEDx ‘Cut Through The Noise’ event in London.

Will her bessie mate jet in to watch? Putin sat next to her at a do at the Kremlin in 2018, when she was given the Order of Friendship Award. She also stayed at his private hotel in Moscow (Putin on the style indeed!).

Forty Irish friends will be by Debbie’s side to support her. Debbie’s talk From My Kitchen Table to the Kremlin will tell her riveting story, from the first harrowing trip 21 years ago for Russian orphans, up to November last year when she was honoured at the Kremlin by President Putin with the aforementioned award.

Holy (Mos)cow! Debs has done it all. She’ll be running for the Aras next.

I imagine a certain person can give the blonde bombshell a few tips on being president.

by Barry Egan, featured in Sunday Indo

23rd December 2019