To Children With Love 20th Anniversary Legacy Ball

On Friday May 11th 2018, almost 300 guests joined us at our 20th Anniversary Legacy Ball, which took place in Clontarf Castle.  Magician to the Royals, Étienne Pradier, dazzled us with his tricks, while Jack L silenced the room with his beautiful rendition of Hallelujah.  Of course, the main aim of the night was to raise much needed funds to allow us to continue the work we started 20 years ago and we raised just over €40,000.

Thank you to all who supported the event from table sponsors, auction bidders, raffle ticket buyers, and prize donors – we are extremely grateful.  Below is Kirill Cherepanov’s speech from the night.  He was one of the first children we met in Russia in 1998 and he stunned the room with his words on the night.

My name is Kirill Cherepanov.  I was the biggest pain in the ass for To Children With Love for twenty years.  I am 31 and really, I should be dead or in prison.  I was a difficult child after my mother gave me away.  I still do not know why she did.  I was 4 when I went to the orphanage with my brother.  He was a good boy and so he was adopted by Americans.  I was left behind.  I resented everyone, sometimes I still do.

I was 6 when the Irish came into my life.  It was a strange thing.  It was like our world went from black and white into colour.  In the beginning, I did not want to know these strange, happy people, they annoyed me.  They wanted hugs and kisses, they were always kind and respected us.  We were not used to this.  Orphans did not get much respect then.  No one wanted us, not even our own mothers.  Every year I wrote to my mother’s address.  She wrote and said she would collect me.  Every year I waited.  She never came.  I still do not know why she never wanted me.  Three weeks ago I sent her a poem.  It was about someone throwing souls away, she threw me away.

Eventually, the Irish became my trusted friends.  Debbie was in the orphanage all the time.  We waited for her visits, we waited for the Irish volunteers, they did not judge us.  They were always kind, even when we did not deserve it.  I spent my life in the orphanage.  A few years ago I asked Debbie to find my brother in America.  She did after a long search.  He is rich now.  Really he does not want to know me and I do not want to know him.  Our lives are too different.  We will never be the same.

The Irish are my family.  Sophie Deegan is like my sister and best friend.  In November, I will be at her wedding in Connemara.

I have had many low moments in my life.  Debbie was there for nearly every one.  I have also had many high moments with the Irish in Ireland and in Russia.  Irish are my family.

Thank you all for giving me a chance.  Thank you all for being my family.

Thank you Debbie and Trish, Noreen, Grainne, Dara and everyone in To Children With Love for all you have done for me and for so many children.