Sparkling Christmas Lunch 2019

The festive season would not be complete without the annual To Children With Love Sparkling Christmas Lunch.  The event, which started four years ago, has now become a part of the local social calendar.

As the name suggests, everyone is encouraged to get dressed up in their most festive and sparkly outfits.  Some of the tables are bought to entertain business contacts or work colleagues, some are bought as a day out with friends, giving guests the opportunity to network or catch up.  This year, four tables hosted a reunion of nurses who trained together 25 years ago in St. Vincent’s Hospital.

The order of the day is fun, so we try to keep the tone as light-hearted as possible.  This year we started with a prosecco reception in the foyer, where guests were greeted by the wonderful Singsation choir.  Following that, Christmas lunch was held in the Great Hall and hosted by the fabulous Mary Kennedy.

We run a raffle where every table wins a prize and also a larger Balloon Raffle, where guests can purchase one of 50 balloons and have the chance to win one of 6 top prizes.  The raffles are a good contributor to the overall fundraising and always fun to get involved in.

Towards the end of dinner, Mary Kennedy and Debbie Deegan, our Founder and CEO, had an informal chat on stage and discussed the history of the charity and the work that we do in Russia.  This was followed by Amy Creighton singing live and the dancefloor was certainly put to good use.  Although we finish around 5pm, a lot of guests move onto the Indigo Bar as they are having such a good time.

Ultimately our goal is to raise as much money as possible for the Charity and we thank everyone who attended this year’s lunch and helped us to achieve this.