Our beautiful Irish programme, The Rising Tide Project, will continue privately.
     5 years ago, we became involved in a one-off project in a Dublin DEIS school. Initially, we helped out with fundraising for a particular project. It was our first dip into Irish waters. We absolutely loved the project and so we developed a programme called the Rising Tide with an ex-staff member of ours, Julie Hogan and we brought in a fabulous lady called Dr. Holly Foley, who was the perfect fit. Access to education for children with less advantages in life was her passion (and she spoke Russian, which we didn’t need but we loved).
     Board member, Grainne O’Driscoll, and I got stuck in. Julie found funding from local companies for the school, and off we went. A whole new adventure. Thanks to the staff and Principal of the school, we had fantastic support and energy from day one. It eventually evolved into a scholarship programme for 52 children to assist them getting into colleges or apprenticeships and it has continued to be successful doing just that.
     We met the nicest people and had the best chats with mams and dads who had major obstacles in their way. It is now an award winning programme. Holly has since moved on to a major STEM project, and we have a dynamo, Rachel Ray, running the project. Rachel is also a young mum and completing a Psychology Degree. She’s some woman! She totally gets the children, missed nothing, and opens so many doors for them all. The Rising Tide Project will continue to operate with Rachel at the helm. Julie and I will oversee it. It will not be a charity, but will now be funded privately by a local corporate.
     It’s a fabulous programme, we have loved it from day one. The first pics below are of Lee Duddy, one of our boys, who ran the marathon in Malaga recently. He is in DCU now, the first person in his family to go to University. We know his family very well now, all very special people. The Rising Tide is a small beautiful scholarship that changes lives.
Dara Ferguson, Jane Carson and 31 others